Formed by Student Athletes from the Changemaker Lab at The Evergreen State College.


Mission: Community United 

Our Mission to unite the soccer community, and cultivate an environment of success for young soccer players. Club soccer costs are already emptying parents’ pockets, and the highest level players need the best training to compete in the modern collegiate/ professional environments. Our goal is to provide a platform for scouted players in the Pacific Northwest region with a cost free training environment that will expose them to the type of intensity and quality that competition will provide in the “real” soccer world. 

We plan to accomplish our goal through an established mean of success. Former Manchester United and England player Gordon Hill, is both UEFA A licensed to coach at the highest level, but also has his English FA Scouting license, so he is more than qualified to determine if players are meeting the standard to move on to higher levels in their career. Assembling a Center of Excellence for players who are currently at the top of their age group, is crucial for cultivating a culture of success and sportsmanship in the Pacific NorthWest. Having the highest quality coaches giving advice to our highest quality players, regardless of age, gender, race, or socioeconomic status, is imperative in continuing to support the region in becoming a world powerhouse for the game. 

Selected players will be asked to attend a weekly sessions, so Gordy can keep on track with their development as a player with their team & continue to implement his techniques of individual player development. This is to ensure that players are receiving holistic training structure and exposure to new tacit and explicit knowledge in all components of the game(Tactical, Technical, Physical, & Psychological)

All proceeds and donations go to providing local soccer players with the highest level training environment possible. Community United is dedicated to a culture of creating players that can compete on a worldwide stage, no matter the background.