Community to Community Development is a grassroots, ecofeminist, women-led organization based in Bellingham, Washington. C2C was founded by long-time farmworker justice activist Rosalinda Guillen.

From their website, foodjustice.org:

“We believe that another world is possible and we are active participants with other popular people’s movements.

We strive to reclaim our humanity by redefining power in order to end settler colonialism, capitalism, and patriarchy in their external and internalized forms.

Towards this end we: 

  • Empower under-represented peoples to have an equal voice in decision making processes
  • Develop cross-cultural awareness
  • Restore justice to our food, land and cultural practices
  • Promote community relationships towards self-reliance
  • Work in solidarity with those that strive towards human rights for all
  • Rescue the value of feminine intellect and leadership”

C2C podcast:

Community Voz Radio

This podcast is a must-listen! You’ll find topics ranging from international farmworker solidarity to the subversive legacy of badass Latina punk musicians! The podcast also features report-backs and discussions on movement events such as Community to Community’s annual farmworker tribunal at the state capital.

An Introduction to C2C:

This incredible article from WhyHunger, another food justice organization and member of the US Food Sovereignty Alliance, provides important insight into Community to Community’s ongoing work, formation, and organizing model.

Community to Community Development: Answering the Call for Justice 

All photos from Community to Community Development website or facebook page.