The Evergreen State College has a small stretch of shoreline in the South Puget Sound in Olympia, WA. The shoreline faces Eld Inlet, and is characterized by rocky cobble intertidal, bordered by two creeks at the north and south ends, and by second growth Pacific Northwest forest on the inland border.

The shellfish bed lies at the low tide line and includes commercially sourced, seeded Pacific Oyster (Magallana gigas), seeded Manila clams (Ruditapes phillipinarum) and the diversity of naturally occurring bivalve diversity characteristic of mud/sand substrate found in the South Puget Sound.

The Shellfish Garden was established by the first Evergreen Shellfish Club in 2006 and was in continuous maintenance by the club until shortly before the pandemic. It came under faculty stewardship during the pandemic while student clubs were not in operation. The Evergreen Shellfish and Appreciation Club has come back in late 2021 to continue fostering student engagement in shellfish appreciation and education.