Opposing the Farm Workforce Modernization Act

Community to Community and many other farmworker justice organizations are in firm opposition to the Farm Workforce Modernization Act, and we stand with them! This bill, disguised as a “path to citizenship”for farmworkers, would expand the exploitive H-2A guestworker program and establish the E-Verify system for the surveillance of workers’ documentation-status. ALL farmworkers deserve the right to citizenship, protection, dignity, human rights, and food sovereignty– and a long path to citizenship with many strings attached and that only applies to some workers will never be the answer.

Here is an excerpt from the C2C facebook page: “C2C OPPOSES the Farm Workforce Modernization Act (HR-1603) – even the name is bad. We support comprehensive immigration reform that keeps families together and provides real opportunity for a better life. This bill does not – call your Congressional representatives and stop this bill from moving forward to the US Senate! Demand legalization for farmworkers now – not after years of indentured servitude to agricultural corporations.”

You can also sign your name in opposition of the Farm Workforce Modernization Act here.

David Bacon article:

‘Close to Slavery’ or Legalization? The Farmworkers’ Hard Choice

Familias Unidas por la Justicia position statement on the Farm Workforce Modernization Act (FWMA):

Familias Unidas Initial Position on the Farm Workforce Modernization Act of 2019

Alianza Nacional de Campesinas statement on FWMA:

Alianza Nacional de Campesinas Stands With Farmworker Women and Their Families to Fight for Stronger Protections than the Farm Workforce Modernization Act

Food Chain Workers Alliance opposition statement to the FWMA:

Food Chain Workers Alliance and Our Farmworker Members Oppose the Farm Workforce Modernization Act

Davis Cohen article:

The H-2A Farmworker Program’s False “Compromise”